Walking Away From Arcadia

That’s What Sidhe Said!

August 15, 2017

Elves, elves, elves! Join Victor and Simon today as we discuss the Sidhe, their place in Concordia and in storytelling Changeling, and some of their more often overlooked elements such as their trouble with linear time. We get into their roles in Court politics, their Houses, and their political Impulses. We also veer off into their origins in real world mythology, so buckle up -- one whole episode devoted to only one and a half kiths!


The readings from today’s conversation were “The Hosting of the Sidhe” by William Butler Yeats, and “Fool’s Luck: the Way of the Commoner”. The music from today’s conversation was LSD by Monplaisir.


Bonus Round!

House descriptions left on the cutting-room floor:

Aesin Disney Princesses
Ailil Sneaky bastards
Balor Runs a Satyr child prostitution ring. I’m not even joking.
Beaumayn Scathach’s ugly cousin
Dairaenn Hannibal Lector
Danaan Traditional enemies of the lost House Yoplait
Dougal The Consensus of Parts
Eiluned No you may not enter my home, officer.
Fiona Overly Attached Girlfriend
Gwydion M’Lady *tips fedora*
Leanhaun Go stand in the corner with Balor and think about what you did.
Liam Handsy LDS missionaries with pointy ears.
Scathach Spoilers make everyone angry, but that’s no excuse to kill people.
Varich Zhu Li! DO THE THING.

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