Walking Away From Arcadia

Metaplot: the Dreaming–The Sundering

October 1, 2020

The second major plot point in the Changeling: the Dreaming chronology is the Sundering. This is the time that saw the Fae begin to lose their ascendancy among the various creatures in the World of Darkness. The world began to split into two distinct realms, the Prodigals fell away from the True Fae, and mortals rejected the claims of the old gods and their magi.

Join us as we attempt to clear the mists on this often discussed but mostly forgotten time in the Dreaming's history.

The themesong from this episode was LSD by Mon Plaisir.

Reading Guide for The Sundering:

Changeling 1st Ed Pgs 51,52
Changeling 2nd Ed Pgs 53,54
C20 Pg 35
Isle of the Mighty Pgs 16,17
Court of All Kings Pgs 28,29,30,31,32,33,34,35,36
Toybox Shadows on the Hill Book of Houses Pgs 13,38,39,62,88,111,112
Book of Houses 2 Pgs18,59,60,109,110
Book of Lost Houses Pgs 13,36,77,78,99,100,101
Secret Way Pg 19,20,21,22
Denizens Pgs 19,20
Fool's Luck Pgs 18,19,20
War in Concordia
Kithbook: Trolls Pgs 19, 20, 21
Kithbook: Sluagh Kithbook: Nockers Pgs 14, 15
Kithbook: Satyrs Pg 17
Kithbook: Redcaps Pgs 15, 16
Kithbook: Pooka Pg 17
Kithbook: Eshu Pgs 18, 19
Kithbook: Boggan Pgs 10, 11

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