Walking Away From Arcadia

Metaplot: the Dreaming–The Shattering

November 1, 2020

We're almost done with the our prelude for Changeling: the Dreaming's history. Soon we'll be able to stop saying things like, "because of the Mists", "Remembrance is a whole thing", "every book has a different take on this". It's going to be amazing. But for now we're talking about the Shattering and we're going to be leaning pretty hard on our greatest hits of how to hammer the Dreaming pre-history together.

Join us as we attempt to explain the strange, slow-motion, path of the Shattering's migration across the mortal world.

The themesong from this episode was LSD by Mon Plaisir.

Reading Guide for The Shattering: 
Changeling 1st Ed Pg 53
Changeling 2nd Ed Pgs 55,56
C20 Pgs 35,36
Isle of the Mighty Pgs 17,18
Court of All Kings Pgs 36,37,38,39,40,41,42,43,44,45,46,47
Toybox Pgs 20,21
Shadows on the Hill Pgs 21,22,23
Book of Houses Pgs 14,39,63,88,113
Book of Houses 2 Pgs 18,19,60,61,62,110
Book of Lost Houses Pgs 14,36,78,101
Secret Way Pg 22
Denizens Pgs 20,21,22
Fool's Luck Pgs 20,21,22
War in Concordia 
Kithbook: Trolls Pg 22
Kithbook: Sluagh Pgs 16, 17
Kithbook: Nockers Pg 15 
Kithbook: Satyrs Pg 17 
Kithbook: Redcaps Pg 16, 17, 18 
Kithbook: Pooka Pg 18 
Kithbook: Eshu Pg 20 
Kithbook: Boggan Pgs 11, 12, 13 

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