Walking Away From Arcadia

GenCon and the Coming Winter - Walking Away From Arcadia is going on Hiatus

August 15, 2018

That time in every Changeling's life has finally come for Simon and Victor. Winter is upon us. We are going on a hiatus until January when we will burst forth with Season 2 of Walking Away from Arcadia. Season 2 will be a bit different, and we share a few details about what we have in mind in this minisode. We also talk a little bit about the Changeling news that's come out of GenCon. This is a brief episode just to make sure everyone is up to speed before we slip off into that good Chimerical Death. Don't worry though, we'll be back, and there might even be an occasional enchantment here or there between now and January.  

Correction: In the record Victor said one of the two remaining C20 kickstarter rewards was the Anthology. He meant to say the new Immortal Eyes novel. We're sorry for the slipup.


LSD by Mon Plaisir, Four by Monplaisir


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