Walking Away From Arcadia

Dreaming: The Reviews - The Enchanted

December 1, 2021

Breaking away from the relentless pursuit of metaplot research Simon and Victor decide to dive into Changeling's Year of the Ally installment The Enchanted. This book focuses on the Dreaming's oft neglected and misused children, the Enchanted and the Kinnain. If you've never been certain how to use mortals in your Changeling games come listen to Simon and Victor's take on Dreaming's treatment of the Sons of Adam, Daughters of Eve, and Sprogs of the Apple who guide their fae family through the treacherous waters of Banality.

The themesong for this episode was Je voudrais être un pigeon by Monplaisir.

If you want to enrich your games with broken, fed up family members who see your characters for the dysfunctional messes they are, but keep on keeping on because this is the World of Darkness and Glamour addiction is very VERY real pick up your own copy of The Enchanted.

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