Walking Away From Arcadia

Dreaming: The Reviews - Fool’s Luck: The Way of the Commoner

October 1, 2021

After a confusing display of disloyalty to our commoner brethren in our review of Book of Houses 1, and then a stunning betrayal of our new Sidhe overlords in our review of Book of Houses 2 what will Simon and Victor have to say in their review of Fool's Luck: The Way of the Commoner? Spoilers, it's complicated. 1 part history of the fae, 2 parts splat book with no specific splat, come listen and find out what this elfless "wonderland" is all about.

The themesong for this episode was Je voudrais être un pigeon by Monplaisir.

If we've inspired you to pick up Fool's Luck: Way of the Commoner and try to use it in you games, we have a convenient link to it for you that helps us out distracting the nobles from our meetings with the 2 actual pro-commoner revolutionaries in this book.

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