Walking Away From Arcadia

Disability in the Dreaming Interviews

June 15, 2018

Join the superlative Sara and Natali the neat as they help Simon and Victor explore the how Changeling: the Dreaming uses, misuses, and makes space for disability. Several splats in CtD are centered around disability and we wanted to get help talking about the ways that Changeling succeeds and fails to authentically interact with the experience of people living with challenges.


“Touch” by Kathryn Larlee

“OCD” by Neil Hilborn.


LSD by Mon Plaisir

The music from this episode was “LSD” by Mon Plaisir.

Sound Effects

Merry Go Round, 33 Music Boxes

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We have a blog now! Come read some of our more fully developed thoughts about playing and playing with the Changeling: the Dreaming rules and setting at Parting the Mists. Considering reading the Seasons post for ideas on how to use more flexible kith creation to incorporate assistive technology as part of one's seeming.

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