Walking Away From Arcadia

Countless Dreams Actual Play: Hunters Augment! Session 6

September 1, 2021

The team has fought their way into the heart of Avalon's operation. This episode is the second half of the final play session, so we pick up with the players just as they are about to take the final plunge into their invisible enemy's development lab. They don't know what they are facing, and they will need grace and luck to wipe Hunter's Augment from the face of the chimerical net. Join us for the conclusion to our crew's daring mission to save the chimerical denizens of Seattle from the most aggressive anthropic threat since the tidal event brought the Countless crashing into the singularity.

Special thanks to Josh Heath from Werewolf: the Podcast.

Countless Dreams can be found on the Storyteller's Vault. If you buy it using our link Walking Away from Arcadia gets some dross.

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