Walking Away From Arcadia

Countless Dreams Actual Play: Hunters Augment! Session5

August 1, 2021

Stopping the assaults on Seattle's holographic population has taken on new urgency as our crew discovers they aren't the only target. They must find allies in their fight to stop the violent plans of Avalon International. Estie has deeper connections to the movers and shakers of Seattle's supernatural community than she's revealed, but will it be enough to broker a safe alliance with the wolves? If it isn't there is little hope of saving Seattle. Nothing motivates like desperation, and after dropping face first into a singularity, what's the worst that could happen?

Special thanks to Josh Heath from Werewolf: the Podcast.

Countless Dreams can be found on the Storyteller's Vault. If you buy it using our link Walking Away from Arcadia gets some dross.

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