Walking Away From Arcadia

Countless Dreams Actual Play: Hunters Augment! Session 4

December 21, 2020

Join Victor as he storytells an adventure in the World of Darkness: Hunters Augment!. Stare in abject horror as KC and Marc fail utterly at subterfuge! Recoil as Neodymium is witnessed french-kissing a USB port! Shudder as mansplaining is weaponized! All this and more in this session of Hunters Augment!

The opening music from this episode is Total Eclipse by Nathaniel Wyvern. The closing music from this episode is Gabriel Flying by Gianluca Sgalambro. The Werewolf: the Podcast theme music is Metalmania by Kevin MacCleod.

Special thanks to Josh Heath from Werewolf: the Podcast.

Countless Dreams can be found on the Storyteller's Vault. If you buy it using our link Walking Away from Arcadia gets some Zed.

See you in the new year, former Arcadians!

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