Walking Away From Arcadia

Changeling: the Dreaming and Social Commentary

March 1, 2018

Join us today as Victor and Simon talk about the history White Wolf authors and devs using the World of Darkness for social satire and commentary, and how Changeling fits into that aspect of the game line. 

Chaneling's commentary on the world we live in isn't always as obvioius as some of the other games, but much like the Dreaming itself when you peek under the surface it is present and expansive. Simon and Victor will talk about which periods of Changeling's history dealt with social commentary most deeply, and which themes come up in their games.

Consider this your content warning: politics.


The readings from this conversation were from The Little Country by Charles deLint, The True Tale of Yer by Bryan Thao Worra, and Wistful Sidhe Nonsense by Victor Kinzer.

The music from this episode was LSD by Mon Plaisir.

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