Walking Away From Arcadia

Changeling the Dreaming 20th Anniversary Edition Review

June 1, 2017

Simon and Victor discuss their initial thoughts about the Changeing the Dreaming 20th Anniversary early release pdf.  We go through our favorite changes, some of the things we are confused by or would rather be handled a little bit differently and offer one or two small tweaks that we think will make portions of the game a little more approachable.

This episode is a less produced piece, and unfortunately Victor was using a new mic and didn't realize the levels/quality didn't quite match Simon until the full audio was downloaded from the online audio collaboration tool we use.  We appologize for the audio quality on this particualr file, and are hammering this out so it won't be an issue in future episodes, but we wanted to get our review out so people can listen with some time before they decide if they want to make a Changeling purchase when the full release hits DriveThruRPG.  The full release can be purchased at Drivethrurpg.

The music from this episode was LSD by Monplaisir.


To purchase Changeling the Dreaming as well as a wide array of other Role Playing texts go to DriveThruRPG.com.

We have a blog now! Come read some of our more fully developed thoughts about playing and playing with the Changeling: the Dreaming rules and setting at Parting the Mists.

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