Walking Away From Arcadia

C20’s New Commoners

August 1, 2017

Bad news folks! As we all know the entire game is about the Sidhe and how wonderful they are and how they’d never do anything at all even remotely evil or ethically questionable. We know we said at the end of the last episode that were were going to spend this conversation praising our glorious sharp-eared overlords but that was recorded before C20 landed. C20 introduced three new commoner kiths and they’re awesome. Before we get to the beneficent and not at all wicked lords and ladies of dream we’re going to finish off talking about the commoners with the three new Kithain: the Clurichauns, the Piskies, and the Selkies.

We’re sorry to elf-tease you. Next time we’re talking about the Sidhe for realsies. Pinky-swear.

The readings from this conversation were from American Gods by Neil Gaiman, Legend land Being a collection of some of the old tales told in these Western part of Britain served by the Great Western Railway now retold by Lyonesse, and Selkie by Robin Robertson.

The music from this conversation was LSD by Monplaisir and Late Snows of Winter, written by Mark Seibert and arranged and recorded by JMR.

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