Walking Away From Arcadia

Beyond the Mists I

February 1, 2018

Today we have something a little different. A few months ago, we watched a thread about what people wanted from podcasts about Changeling. One thing someone mentioned that we realized we haven’t really done justice is the in-canon history of Changeling: the Dreaming. This lead to us doing a deep dive into some of the supplemental and setting books and getting a couple of massive headaches. Changeling’s history is shattered, confusing, and often self-contradictory.

We decided that the best way to tackle the history of the Autumn World, the Chimerical World, and the Dreaming would be to embrace the confusion and contradictions and do it from the unreliable perspective of being within the World of Darkness. This episode is several vignettes that highlighted what we felt were important points in the modern period (Resurgence to C20th’s “today”) of Changeling: the Dreaming’s history.

This episode of Walking Away From Arcadia was written, edited, and produced by Victor Kinzer and Simon Eichhornchen. Exhibits 2, 3, 7, and 8 were written by Victor Kinzer. Exhibits 1, 4, 5, 6, and 9 were written by Simon Eichhornchen.  Cultural expertise and editorial review was provided by Laura Martinez

Our sources for the canon events referenced in this episode were: Changeling: the Dreaming 20th Anniversary Edition, Kingdom of Willows, War in Concordia, Fool’s Luck: Way of the Commoner.

A huge thank you to our underappreciated vocal talent: Angelien Batterman as Shirley Algan, Solomon Hursey as Richard Oakes, Cosmo Cahill as Siobahn ap Eiluned and High Queen Faerilyth, Salih as Jibril, Erika as Jens, and Natali Gerany as the Svartalfar and King Meilge. The Darkstar Online computer voice and Mr. Cloverfield-Warren were played by robots.

Victor played the narrator, the Glome of Alkatraz, Amergine ap Ailil, Sigurd formerly-Aesin, High King David, Bartholomew Macrary, and DC.

Simon played the dosen, Brownie Bill Bagley, and James Mitchell.

The music featured in this episode was: LSD by Mon Plaisir, 60s Acoustic Solo by Valentino Snitskiy, Jugular Street by Rolemusic, Sexy Sadism by Usher Zreen Toys, Cerebral Cortex (Vertigo Mix) by Parvus Decree, I Need a Heroic Figure Main Character Theme by Komiku, Dust Monsters by My Own Cubic Stone, Chasing Shadows by Overhill Lane, and  Melancholy Aftersounds by Kai Engel.

We’ll be doing a few more history episodes like this. If you have points of the Changeling: the Dreaming canon you find super interesting or confusing that you think we should touch on, hit us up on our Facebook, Blog, or Podbean pages or email us. If you like what we’re doing, please think about leaving a review on whatever service you get your podcasts through -- this helps us get more eyes and ears and helps keep the Dreaming alive.

To purchase Changeling the Dreaming as well as a wide array of other Role Playing texts go to DriveThruRPG.com.

We have a blog now! Come read some of our more fully developed thoughts about playing and playing with the Changeling: the Dreaming rules and setting at Parting the Mists.

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