Walking Away From Arcadia

Antagonists: Thallain, the Shadow Court, and Adhene

September 15, 2017

Turning to the darkest corners of the Dreaming, today Victor and Simon discuss the groups written to be monsters for “Changeling: the Dreaming” characters: the Fomorian-born and corrupt Thallain, the messy Shadow Court, and the ancient and powerful Adhene lurking just off the Silver Paths.


The readings from this conversation were from “One for Sorrow, Two for Joy” by Nathan Dorey, “The King” by Harry Weir Boland, “Jack of Kinrowan” by Charles deLint, and “Mary’s Letter” from Silent Hill 2.

The music from this episode was “Creepy Atmo” by David Szesztay, “Where the Demon Sleeps”, by Kate Covington, a remix of “The Music Box” by Akira Yamaoka, and  “LSD” by Monplaisir.

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