Walking Away From Arcadia

A Joint Exploration of Chimerical Subspace with Mage: The Podcast

July 4, 2020

From Chimerical Subspace to Void Subspace


The wonders and secrets of Chimerical Subspace are only beginning to unfold as one realm gives way to the next. Join Simon and Victor as they trek across the internet to join Terry Robinson from Mage: The Podcast to discuss how Changeling: Countless Dreams works with Mage: The Ascension. While Changeling and The Void Engineers might seem like strange bedfellows to most World of Darkness veterans, the intrusion of Chimerical Subspace during the Tidal Event changes everything. We hope this opens the door to expansive crossover possibilities never imagined before, and that a few of our listeners discover just how amazing Mage: The Podcast is during this listen.


LSD by Mon Plaisir

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Changeling: Countless Dreams can be found here.

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