Walking Away From Arcadia
Storyteller Vault Reviews: Kiths of Arcadia

Storyteller Vault Reviews: Kiths of Arcadia

January 10, 2020

Welcome to another interview with a Storyteller Vault creator. Today, Victor and Simon are chatting with Charlie Cantrell from Radio Free Arcadia Publishing about his latest project: Kiths of Arcadia. Curious about the rarer visitors from Arcadia? Charlie's got you covered.

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LSD by Mon Plaisir

To purchase Changeling: the Dreaming as well as a wide array of other role playing texts go to DriveThruRPG.com.

Kiths of Arcadia can be found here.

Keep up to date on upcoming Vault projects from Charlie and other C20 authors at Radio Free Arcadia Publishing.

Come read some of our more fully developed thoughts about playing and playing with the Changeling: the Dreaming rules and setting at Parting the Mists.

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