Antagonists: Thallain, the Shadow Court, and Adhene

September 15, 2017

Turning to the darkest corners of the Dreaming, today Victor and Simon discuss the groups written to be monsters for “Changeling: the Dreaming” characters: the Fomorian-born and corrupt Thallain, the messy Shadow Court, and the ancient and powerful Adhene lurking just off the Silver Paths.


The readings from this conversation were from “One for Sorrow, Two for Joy” by Nathan Dorey, “The King” by Harry Weir Boland, “Jack of Kinrowan” by Charles deLint, and “Mary’s Letter” from Silent Hill 2.

The music from this episode was “Creepy Atmo” by David Szesztay, “Where the Demon Sleeps”, by Kate Covington, a remix of “The Music Box” by Akira Yamaoka, and  “LSD” by Monplaisir.


Gen Con Recap And Other Banter

September 2, 2017

We're going off of our regular release cycle to get this conversation that Simon and I had about Gen Con out to everyone while it's still timely. This isn't going to slow up our regular episodes, but there was some Changeling news at Gen Con, and at the end of the episode I give a recap of the C20 session I ran for the Wrecking Crew. This is somewhat less structured and produced than our normal episodes, but we still thought people would appreciate some news and recap from the most ridiculous 4 days in gaming.


Conversation 9 — CtD in Turkey

September 1, 2017

Join us today with our guest Salih, with whom we discuss storytelling and playing Changeling: the Dreaming in his Istanbul. In this conversation we talk about what regional myths and stories fit into the kiths, common misconceptions held by outsiders, and the somewhat awkward place a game about half-human/half-spirit beings occupies in cultures that have possession but not a concept like “changeling”.


The readings from this conversation were from Two Years, Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights by Salman Rushdie

The music from this episode was You, yourself and the main character” by Komiku, and LSD by Mon Plaisir.